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Clarity of Intent, translates into Clarity of Result and this is of paramount importance in our working.

Design Brief & Conceptualisation

Our creative process begins with a clear and complete assessment of your requirements known as the Design Brief.

Following this, we begin researching design types and ideas that are tailor-made to suit your unique and individual purpose. Known as the Concept Design Phase, the general design direction is established.

Schematic design

Following extensive research and consultation, the initial design is developed and presented with exploration into materials, finishes, services, specialty artists /  artisans / vendors, furniture and functional workings of the requirement. Schematic drawings and presentations are prepared and presented concluding the Schematic Design phase of the process.

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Developmental Design

The  process then moves forward into Developmental Design, where all related consultants and vendors collaborate to discuss integrated results, contributing to a holistic and complete design result of all your requirements.

Working drawings

The final stage of the Developmental Design process then translates into clear and communicative Working Drawings , which are reviewed with all associated consultants, for seamless execution at your site.

During the complete cycle of your project, we can be involved ranging from project management, quality control and further design input.  Valuing time and money, we offer a personalized and complete design package.